Design and Manufacture

You may have noticed that we don’t specialise in one genre or period of design style.  We can achieve anything; clean and modern, Gothic and heavy, Victorian, Edwardian… Elizabethan (both First and Second!).

So, as the saying goes, are we “Jacks of All Trades, Masters of None”?

Well our customers don’t think so and we certainly don’t.  Our philosophy is to rely on the best of all epochs – be they time-honoured carpentry techniques and traditional materials, or the latest advances in materials technology and cutting edge computer design and manufacture.  We choose the best technique for the job.  


Let’s take an example: Drawers.

Flat-pack drawers.  We’ve all seen them fall apart spewing out chipboard from their innards and held together with cheap fixings that were never going to last.  Or how about the bases that just fall out under a heavy load? Worse still are the runners that jump and jam.  In our opinion they are completely unsuitable for the job they were intended.

So for our drawers we rely on solid wood and dovetailed joints.  Dovetail joints are said to pre-date written history and are still the best option today in our opinion.  They form a bond between two pieces of wood that is as strong as the wood itself.  Traditionally drawers were run on wooden runners but here we disagree with the traditionalists. We turn to the hi-tech sector to supply us with precision-made fully adjustable runners that are guaranteed to last a lifetime.  And being completely concealed they don’t clog-up with dust and fluff.  And of course they soft-close as standard.

The best of ancient and modern. 


The Design Process

For the design process, however, we are entirely in the high-tech sphere.  We use a variety of advanced CAD (Computer Aided Design) packages that allow us to work with you in designing your perfect fitted furniture installation.  Following a site survey to take accurate measurements we will firstly “build” your room 3D.  This gives us an exact copy of your room with which to carry out the design process. After hearing your requirements we put together a proposed design that can be adjusted, amended or completely re-drawn to your heart’s content. The only rules we obey are the rules of physics.  

All of our drawings have measurements included so that you can check that they will meet your requirements.  They are also user-friendly and convey the feel and scale of the finished piece that blueprints and line drawings simply can’t provide.  

Take this wardrobe installation as an example:

Wardrobe Screenshot


We like to think that you’ve seen and experienced the new installation before any wood is cut.

Once you approve the final design we move on to more technical matters.  We have invested in state-of-the-art software that allows us to translate your final design into a manufacturing, cutting and joining scheme.  This work can be carried out on the workbench, by subcontractors or by the latest CNC (Computer Numerical Control) cutting and milling machines.  

Once again, we chose the right process for the job – a CNC machine can achieve an accuracy of within 1/10th of a millimetre but it’s useless at fine sanding and sealing; the latter’s a job for a skilled human.

Advanced Parametric Modelling copy


Our parametric design package does all the donkeywork placing fittings and notches in the right places.  This isn’t laziness – it’s making the best use of our time so that we can provide a superior product and service to you.

The end result is an accurate and detailed piece of furniture, made to your requirements using the best from the ancient and modern.