Frequently Asked Questions

We’re always happy to talk, but here are some of the most common questions we receive, along with brief answers.  Please feel free to get in touch if your query isn’t covered.


Q – Is every project unique or do you have a catalogue of “standard” installations?

A – We design and manufacture every job individually.  We do not carry standard ranges or supply and fit third parties’ furniture.  To this end, we’re not the cheapest; but you can guarantee that your product will be an individual piece, designed and manufactured to your exact specification.


Q – Do you manufacture and install kitchens?

A – Unfortunately not.  The bespoke kitchen market is very well served by several local and nationwide companies. 


Q – How do I get an idea of your prices?

A – Owing to each project’s individuality we do not publish prices.  Rather, we would request a visit to your home to measure and survey before sending you a no-obligation written quotation for your consideration.  Factors such as access, parking and distance from our workshops may affect any price we published here on our website and give you a misleading idea of cost. 


Q – How do your prices compare to other retailers/suppliers?

A – We are a small company with small overheads.  However, bespoke work is time-consuming in both design and manual labour terms.  To that end a bespoke option will always be more expensive than an “off the shelf” option or a piece supplied my a manufacturer of mass-produced furniture.  There are several nationwide bespoke furniture companies on the market (take a look in the Sunday paper magazines) who offer similar services to ours.  We have been informed by several  customers that we are far cheaper than these companies – many of whom quote minimum prices of around of £10,000 for work that we would gladly carry out for a fraction of the price.


Q – I’ll pay cash – will I get a discount?

A – No!  Whilst we accept cash as payment it is strictly treated like any other form of payment (BACS, Cheque etc.) with invoices issued and accounts updated!  YOU SHOULD BE WARY OF ENGAGING A CONTRACTOR WHO OFFERS A DISCOUNT FOR CASH!  You may find yourself powerless if you need to complain about their work, and you may be unprotected by any insurance policy you may rely on in the event of them causing damage to your property.


Q – Are you insured?

A – Absolutely.  We hold Public Liability Insurance of £2 million to cover us for any accidental damage caused whilst at your home.  And no – we’ve never had to make a claim!


Q – Do you carry out standard joinery services such as door hanging and skirting board fitting?

A – As part of a larger bespoke furniture project; yes.  However, our company setup is tailored towards the design and manufacture of bespoke pieces and as such our overheads would make us a very expensive option for you if this was the only work you required.  The local market is well served by handymen and joiners who can help with such small tasks.


Q – What materials do you use?

A – We manufacture our units from the highest grade sheet products.  Any item that is not to be painted is manufactured in high quality solid-wood veneer board.  This is a high grade MDF board laminated with a real wood veneer in a species of your choice (e.g. oak, pine, Ash…).  This veneer can be sanded, stained and lacquered just like a normal timber piece but is not prone to warping or shrinkage.  Our painted pieces are manufactured in a furniture grade MDF manufactured by Medite.  We have found that this product provides the best paint finish for interior work.


Q – If I requested you use cheaper materials would it lower the price?

A – Essentially no for 2 reasons: Firstly, we are not used to using cheaper materials, and would therefore have to “build in” extra contingency time to deal with defects etc.  Secondly, the bulk of the cost of any bespoke commission is the labour (for design, manufacture and installation).  To that end, lower quality components would inevitably be a false economy. 


Q – You’re quoting 5-6 month lead-times.  Why is this?

A – Well, we’re quite popular!  However, the design process also takes some 2-3 months and we only manufacture and install one client’s work at a time.  Therefore, you have our dedicated services for the duration of the manufacture and installation phase of your works.  Please see Our Process page for further details.  The latter 2 stages of our process equate to 2-3 working weeks – so at any time we have a “queue” of around 8-10 customers in our pipeline.


Q – I’d like to book you for work in 6 months’ time, but surely your schedule changes over time?  Is there a chance that my scheduled installation will be delayed?

A – Whilst we cannot be held liable for events outside our control that causes delay, we do our utmost to honour any dates booked in our diary.  We understand that you need to plan your schedule around us too and that a delay on our part would cause you significant inconvenience.  Since we began trading in 2009 we have only had to delay 1 piece of work, and this was by 1 week;  it was as a result of our workshop being flooded in the 2015 Christmas floods in York. It really takes a major Act of God to keep us from meeting our obligations to you!


Q – I’d like to book you for a specific date that’s beyond your current lead time.  Is this possible?

A – Yes.  We regularly work with customers who wish to engage us to carry our works at more convenient dates in the future.


Q – Can you provide testimonials for your work?

A – We have plenty of satisfied customers!  Please get in touch and we’ll obtain a testimonial from a previous customer who’s work is similar to that which you’re considering.