Home Cinemas & Media Units

HD, Blue Ray, Plasma… LP Deck?

Music and media play a big part in our lives today.  Be it quiet background music, a family evening in front of the Home Cinema, or simply catching the News at the end of a busy day, media technology now plays a huge part in our lives.

But with this comes a downside - endless black boxes, cables, electrical extension leads.  Many people are put off enjoying the myriad of entertaining and life-enhancing technologies of today for fear of all-encompassing clutter.  But we can help.

Being based in the historic city of York, we are more than used to answering requests from customers trying to embrace the latest media technologies within more traditional homes.  Similarly, our experience in modern housing developments has seen us keep clean, modern lines whilst expertly concealing the inevitable collection of wires and plugs that come with a home media installation.  We regularly work with electrical engineers to ensure that your new installation is not just fit for purpose, but that it’s also future-proof.

Existing sockets can be “transplanted” into the new units, making nests of wires and extension leads a thing of the past.  All the electrical work is coordinated around your installation, and is carried out by our trusted and fully-qualified electrician.



We will listen to your requirements carefully, designing a bespoke home for your various media units that fits the overall look that you desire.  We pride ourselves on making the technology complement the space; and not dominate it.  

Please contact us using the form below to discuss your ideas or queries.  We’re always happy to talk.